Chairperson’s report

Welcome to the AGM.

Once again as tradition dictates, it falls to me to review this year’s festival and to thank all the people involved, a significant number of whom have supported the festival for many years.

This year we again saw a wide range of music events, from folk to rock to jazz and opera played on electric violins. Participatory singing workshops and open air musical performances at the Street Fair i.e. The Choir with No Name and Moselele. We also have a fun filled dance performance from Swing Era, which got feet tapping.

There was poetry, a history walk, and new food and drink events such as the Raclette Weekender and wine tasting. Story-telling and a talent contest were also on offer.

Exhibitions at Ort and the new gallery space at Maison Mayci showcased talented artists from around Birmingham, complemented by lovely cakes and drinks.

As well as the new events we saw tradition upheld by Black Adder Morris, Bermona and Moseley Morris who performed on the village green with their diverse instruments.

Our regular advertisers were able to take advantage of our print run and distribution of 10,000 programmes. We thank them for without their support we would not be able to print the programme. Our new paid system for distribution is continuing to work well.

New ideas are what has kept the festival vibrant for over 40 years. By encouraging new people, organisations and groups to be involved we strive to provide a festival which diverse and interesting. If your passion is not represented please get in touch via the website ( and tell us how you could enhance the festival next year which runs from Friday June 22nd to Sunday July 1st 2018.

The festival thrives due to the commitment of great people who organise events, advertise in the programme, put up banners, bunting and placards. Thank you so much for your hard work and continued support.

Thanks also go to all the suppliers, printers, employees & elected members of Birmingham City Council for their help.

My final thanks go to the coordinating committee who once again worked tirelessly, without whom there would be no Street Fair or Moseley Master Team Quiz which have become the backbone of the festival. Thank you very much.


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