It’s not over yet : Events still to come


Wednesday 12 July


Political Song Session

8:30pm                                                       Prince of Wales, 118 Alcester Rd, B13 8EE Political Song Session at the Prince of Wales. Bring your songs, raise your voices, let the songs be heard, whether they were written yesterday or hundreds of years ago, let us learn from them and take heart […]

At The Dark Horse on Sunday : Cop Music


Canon ‘The American Songbook presents Cop Music’

9pm – late                                          The Dark Horse, 145 Alcester Rd, B13 8JP

Cop Music are the hottest new portal to British Funk; a sound mined from the heavy groove & beat culture and inspired by the plethora of detective movies & TV programs from the 70’s & […]

Mostly Jazz AfterParty


Mostly Jazz Festival Afterparty with The Heels and DJ Dylan

9pm – late                                                       Prince of Wales, 118 Alcester Rd, B13 8EE

You’ve spent your weekend basking in the sunlight, drinking and listening to one of the best line-ups on offer in the history of Moseley Jazz festival, but you’re not quite ready to call […]

Cocktail Weekender at the Cheval Blanc


Cocktail Weekender – Jazz vs Soul       Cheval Blanc Wine Bar, 145 Alcester Road, B13 8JP

It’s the weekend for Jazz and Soul to takeover Moseley, and to take over the Cheval Blanc Cocktail List. Cocktails inspired by the eras and musicians of Jazz and Soul battle it out. Are you a Jazz Cat or […]

Sunday : Children’s Fun Day at the Highbury


Childrens Fun Day at The  Highbury

                                                               Highbury Pub, Dads Lane, B13 8PQ

Bouncy castle, face painter, trampoline, as  well as a barbeque.